Med Pay Insurance

Medical Payments Coverage (Med Pay) is coverage that is available through your automobile insurance policy. The coverage is for reasonable expenses incurred for medical and/or funeral-related costs to occupants of an insured vehicle because of bodily injury or death caused by a car accident. Using this type of insurance will not increase your insurance premium; however the circumstance under which it may be used is determined by the policy language, which varies depending on your insurance carrier.

Individuals covered consist of:

  • You or any family member while occupying a vehicle, or as a pedestrian when hit by a vehicle; and
  • Any other person while occupying your covered automobile or any vehicle driven by you or a family member.

It is important to know that Med Pay only applies to medical expenses and funeral-related expenses and does not cover pain and suffering, scarring, permanent disability, or lost wages (Kentucky P.I.P. Coverage is different than Indiana Med Pay coverage and may provide for some lost wages). Med Pay coverage is often limited to a defined period after the accident.

An insured under the insurance policy is:

  • The insured person on the policy (usually the one who owns the vehicle),
  • The insured person’s resident spouse,
  • Any of the insured person’s family, which is any person related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption who is a resident of your household; and
  • Anyone using the vehicle covered under the insured person’s policy.

If you are in a vehicle that has Med Pay coverage on its policy, you will likely be covered under the Med Pay coverage of the policy. However, you may be covered by Med Pay under more than one policy. As a passenger in another’s vehicle, you will likely be covered by two Med Pay policies. The car owner’s Med Pay coverage would be primary and then your own Med Pay coverage would apply after the owner’s Med Pay coverage is exhausted. It is best to consult an attorney to be sure you know which policies may cover you under Med Pay.

As is the case with most insurance policies, there are listed exclusions when the policy does not apply. Here is a list of some typical exclusions:

  • If you are using the car as a taxi or for commercial hire, no one will be covered;
  • If you own the vehicle and did not buy Med Pay coverage on that vehicle, you will not be covered; and
  • If the injuries are caused by war, rebellion, etc., there is no coverage.

The state of Indiana does not require you to have Med Pay insurance. Therefore, the coverage is an additional coverage you can purchase on your auto policy. Normally the charge for this coverage is small compared to the benefit you can receive if you are ever in a car accident. If you are injured and insured under the Med Pay policy, then you are entitled to this benefit regardless of fault. We encourage you to ask your agent about adding this coverage to your policy.

This article is for general informational purposes only and should not be taken as specific legal advice. You should contact an attorney to discuss the role of Med Pay in your particular situation.

If you have any questions about Med Pay coverage, medical expenses, or any aspect of a personal injury matter, contact us at no charge to you.