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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Attorneys

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Attorneys

EVANSVILLE AREA, southern Indiana, SOUTHERN ILLINOIS, & western Kentucky

The Evansville-based traumatic brain injury (TBI) attorneys of Robert John and Associates have the experience to handle the consequences that a brain injury inflicts on the victim as well as the family. Head trauma can result in intracranial bleeding, confusion, blurred vision, debilitating headaches, loss of balance, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, loss of sensation and/or mood changes.

Our traumatic brain injury lawyers have handled brain injuries ranging from those caused by car wrecks to falls. Despite popular belief, a brain injury can result without loss of consciousness and without direct impact to the head. Any sudden force or "whiplash" event can cause the brain to internally impact the skull causing injury.

Even a mild to moderate brain injury can cause problems with memory, attention and concentration. These symptoms can have profound effects on one's functioning and greatly affect one's family. A mild brain injury can even jeopardize a person's job.

Traumatic brain injury cases are complex and often require medical experts to establish the perimeters of the injury and the extent of the loss. The Evansville-based personal injury attorneys of Robert John and Associates are here to help you through what seems an overwhelming struggle.

Most settlements do not require court and many injury settlements are reached without litigation. Contact us today to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve for your brain injury.

What to do after Suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury?

• Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Follow doctor's orders and keep all follow-up doctor appointments.

• Do not give a statement to the other person's insurance company until you have spoken to a brain injury attorney at Robert John and Associates.

• Do not sign anything from the insurance companies. You may be giving up rights to pursue a claim for compensation by signing documents from insurance companies.

• Gather information while at the accident scene, if able. Make notes of what witnesses say. Get name, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses.

• Inform your own insurance company of the accident as soon as you are able.

Speak with an Evansville-based personal injury lawyer at Robert John and Associates. We are here to protect your rights in order to get you the compensation you deserve after a brain injury.

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Contact the personal injury firm, Robert John and Associates, to speak with a brain injury lawyer today regarding your injury. Robert John & Associates has been successfully representing personal injury victims in Evansville, Jasper, Mt. Vernon, Princeton, Vincennes, Washington, Boonville, Newburgh, Rockport, Tell City, and surrounding areas. In Illinois we serve Carmi, Mt. Carmel, Lawrenceville, Olney, Albion, Fairfield, McLeansboro, Harrisburg, Shawneetown, and surrounding areas. In Kentucky we serve Henderson, Dixon, Morganfield, Madisonville, Owensboro, Calhoun, Hawesville, Beech Grove, Central City, Philpot, Stanley, Sorgho, Sturgis, Corydon, and surrounding areas.

Robert John and Associates, personal injury attorneys, are here to help. Our brain injury attorneys are experienced in dealing with insurance company adjusters and realize this can be a confusing and overwhelming time. Contact Robert John and Associates so you can focus on getting better. Our Evansville-based brain injury lawyers will come to you at home or in the hospital if you are unable to come to us.